Stories to Tell

Thank you, Main Street Texarkana, for being a central catalyst in the renaissance of historic Downtown Texarkana and for your key role in connecting us to our project.  In May 2006, the then Executive Director of Main Street Texarkana, Bethany Hanna, pointed us toward the 200 block of West Broad Street and the dire condition of many of the buildings there.  She said something like, "If something is not done with these buildings within a few months, we may lose the entire block."  We started looking, and dreaming, and scheming.  Step by step, we advanced.  Main Street obtained engineering help to see if the buildings actually could be saved.  The answer was, "Yes!"  Here, over a decade later, the historic Silvermoon is shining in Downtown Texarkana and vitality continues to surge in the Heart of the City.  Thanks, Bethany!  Thanks, Main Street!

For the story of our restoration project, please see Moonrise: Saving the Silvermoon.

For a bit of the pre-Silvermoon history of these buildings, check out If These Walls Could Talk.

For insight into our hearts, please see God's Extravagant Grace.