Renting at the Silvermoon

With few limitations (dictated by our facility, core religious beliefs, and safety concerns), we welcome a wide variety of events into the Silvermoon on Broad.

Basic Process.  To secure a rental space in the Silvermoon, think 1-2-3:

1.  You deliver to us a completed and signed Rental Agreement.  (Must be completed, signed, and returned with deposit to reserve a space/time.  Can be

  • (1) filled out on many computers [click in field by field & type info; when form complete, right-click & save-as or print as pdf],

  • (2) downloaded and completed using a PDF form-filling app, or

  • (3) printed and completed manually [the old way].)

2.  We receive funds for the deposit.  (Cash, check, or we can process Visa, MasterCard, Discover, & Amex cards.)

3.  We have communicated our approval of the intended event, time, date, and space for your event.

Rates and Deposits (Click on the link at the left to see our rental rates and required deposits for the particular space(s) that you want for your gathering.)

Availability.  You can check our Google Calendar to see, unofficially, if the space you want to rent appears to be available at the time you want it.  We try to update the online calendar promptly, but the official calendar is on paper and is in our possession.  Hope you understand that little technicality.  To be sure, please contact us.

Capacities.  Check our handy capacities table to check the floor space and capacities for our various spaces.

Questions?  Please contact us to ask any questions you have.  We'd be happy to check dates and discuss whether your non-profit group might be eligible for a non-profit discount.