The Great Hall

Basic Great Hall Floorplan (left is front/north entrance; to right is kitchen)

The spacious (1,965 sq.ft.) and accommodating Great Hall, the most popular space in our facility, will likely handle the most different types of event, including a reception for 250, a meeting to seat 150, a dinner for 130, or a business or educational conference for 80.  Design your wedding, reception, party, or other gathering in this multipurpose space, which can spill out into the Singer Courtyard or the Lobbies or Parlor ... or all three.  It sports its own hidden sound system, is directly connected with our full commercial kitchen, and can be easily combined with any or all other spaces in the Silvermoon.  This one-of-a-kind space, with its two-tone, polished concrete floor and dimmable, adjustable track lighting, lies at the heart of the Silvermoon.  Here are some Great Hall images, showing just some of the various possibilities in the use of this flexible and able space.