The Silvermoon Theatre

Our flagship space is the exciting and versatile Silvermoon Theatre.  When set up for live performance, the theatre ("house," 1,082 sq ft) can seat as many as 130 guests (fewer, if the hydraulic lift is to be at stage level for a semi-thrust stage or is at musician/pit level below the theatre floor).  The theatre can also host unique weddings, meetings of any sort, or similar uses.  But that's not all.  We are flexible!  The theatre's tiered design can accommodate cabaret tables for a dinner theatre for 60 or rectangular tables for a business or educational conference for 40.

The stage area boasts a commercial-grade hydraulic lift mentioned above that can be used in many ways (thrust stage, extra seating, musicians' pit, even equipment elevator).  Though the stage is relatively small (24' wide by 18' deep, wall to wall), it is designed with flexibility in mind.  We have intentionally included a large overhead door at the back of the stage, a video display capability, handy dressing rooms adjacent to the stage, a trap door in the stage, and scene shop area and loading dock just behind the stage.  Add sound and lights, all controlled from the elevated booth at the rear of the house, and you will find that we can meet almost all intimate theatre needs, with features not found in many larger theatres.  In fact, this combination of features cannot be found anywhere in this area.

Because of the presence of delicate and/or dangerous equipment, we require use of an approved theatre tech for most uses of the Silvermoon Theatre.  To see a list of our approved Theatre Techs, please click the link.  If you would like to be added to the Silvermoon's approved Theatre Tech list, please contact us.  Thank you.

Let's do a show! ... OR any number of other things.  Take a look at these images of life in the Silvermoon Theatre.

Basic Theatre Floorplan (left is toward Broad Street)

Stage Floorplan (with dimensions)