The Lobbies

The Silvermoon has two, beautiful, wood-floored lobbies that can be used with our main meeting spaces or can be their own nicely appointed destination.  These lovely spaces have hosted receptions, dinners, weddings, and much more.

The Entrance Gallery at 215 W. Broad, with its special lighting, can host collections of artwork or photography, as well as specially featured sculpture or seasonal displays from time to time.

The adjacent lobby of the Silvermoon Theatre at 217 West Broad is a bit smaller but has its own charm, special lighting, and art display capabilities.

Unless there is a conflict in the theatre space, the two lobby spaces can be used for extending reception capabilities of the Great Hall by adding as many as 100 more guests that can be adequately hosted for such a use.  These are the only spaces with the rich wood flooring salvaged from the structural beams that held these buildings together for a century.  Take a look at these Lobby images.

Basic Lobbies Floorplan (left are front/Broad St. entrances)