The Singer Courtyard

Basic Courtyard Floorplan (right is rear/south)

Basic Courtyard Floorplan (right is rear/south)

For a number of years, 211 West Broad, the building now housing the Singer Courtyard and 1885 Parlor, housed a Singer sewing machine store.  In the building's Broad Street entrance was laid a tile mosaic that reads:

"S I N G E R"

During the Silvermoon restoration, workers were able to salvage the mosaic and relocate it into the Courtyard in the south end of the building.  That mosaic gives our quaint outdoor space its name, the Singer Courtyard.

The Courtyard has overhanging trees and period lighting to accent its comfortable atmosphere.  At its north end, two heavy iron columns hold up a cabana roof, framing a space for buffet food service, a wet bar, a music group, or something else you might dream up.

We recommend the Courtyard for a reception/party for up to 130, a wedding or performance for 90, or a dinner for 60.

The possibilities are endless in this space that actually hears and breathes Downtown Texarkana.  Imagine the possibilities.... Or, better yet, check out these photos of the Courtyard in action.